Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 7 [GoT S04E07]

Game Of Thrones Season 4 Episode 7

Watch GoT Season 4 Episode 7 in High Quality HD online on .
Episode 7 in the TV Series Game Of Thrones.




30 Responses to “Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 7 [GoT S04E07]

  • Post more funny pics!!! It helps me with the game of thrones withdraws during the week

    • Sure, we will 🙂

    • stop ad sounds from playing over the video..the last few episodes..its getting ridiculous……im hearing ads like m&m and there is not ad for it on the page, so that means its playing over the video somehow….and no, i dont have over tabs open….one ad, a freaking baby started crying while im trying to watch the episode….im trying this on firefox now….maybe chrome allows such garbage to cross over..

    • for those having ads play over the video……Chrome does this….firefox didnt….this episode was so bad with ads playing during fullscreen no other tabs open……firefox…I had no issues…I gave up half way thru and switched over to firefox it got so bad… I hope this helps anyone else…….Yes pop ups disabled, no other tabs open…..I would hear ads, I exited fullscreen but saw no ads playing anywhere….so its something with chrome and playing the video…almost like its on a loop as you see before even able to play the video..

    • Thanks. We’ll post it.

  • 1 hour 0.0

  • where is the 7th episode ?

  • Please upload the new episode.

  • Thank you for uploading these videos! <3

  • WTF? You snuck in all of these commercials you can only hear and can’t close, and it randomly cuts off the video and jumps to ads. Fuck whoever posted this. God damn scumbag.

    • You’re an idiot who can’t even close an ad window.
      Those ads come from the sites which hold the episodes and we can’t do anything about it since it is not by us or not on our website.
      Fuck you for being little whiny bitch for something you didn’t pay. If it’s too much of an annoyance then go buy hbo go or wait for the dvd’s when they come out.

    • ooooooohhhhh get ’em admin!

    • Its free man and those are popups that are easily dealt with by clicking the ‘X’ on that page and you’re free to enjoy ‘free’ Game of Thrones. Instead of coming in like a cunt… although I shouldn’t call you that because that would suggest you’re soft and warm (joke I stole), you should have come in asking how do I get rid of those pop ups. Then we could have felt sorry for you as we shook our heads knowing that all you had to do was simply close the pop up pages and carry on.
      I bet you’re the type of person who gets a tiny splinter in your finger and cries to the emergency room; amplifying exaggerations. Please dont watch game of thrones anymore because I’d hate to think that I’m grouped into same category as you…. go watch the Hip Hop housewives reality show… it suits you better.

  • Thanks for uploading. The moment that the episode ends, I want to watch the next one.

    • You’re welcome. 🙂
      We understand as we feel the same waiting for the next episode.

  • its not letting me use the fullscreen :[

    • Which tab are you using?
      I suggest using a different tab after refreshing your page as switching tab while one episode is playing will play 2 videos at the same time.

  • hi, very much appreciate this availability to watch GOT (been a fan since episode 1 LOLZ ), the sound is very low even with both the player @ max and my PC @ max, any suggestions/ideas? i am watching via ViedoKoo , thx again for all……… 🙂

  • the only thing I can suggest is try a different tab? MP4upload maybe. But actually on my PC even Videokoo have loud sound so I am not sure what the problem is.
    You can also watch on DailyMotion. It have subtitles so even with low sound you will be able to understand everything.

  • ah very cool, will give that a try then, much appreciate all, thx.

  • Admin, maybe it’s better if once we click on episode the first video player opens is Daily motion, right now it is mp4upload which isn’t a good player. just a suggestion, actioned or not, still thanks for uploading these vids of game of thrones.

  • Um is this not the same episode from last week??

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